Free webinarReact at
every scale

The UI-library for (web) applications at every scale based on lightweight components with explicit interfaces.




Learn about the strengths of React and find out if the library could fit to your projects aswell.

Target audience

Technology LeadsProject managersSoftware developers & architects

What you will take away from the webinar

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    The benefits of using React

    Easy to learn und useLightweight componentsSmall API surfaceFlexibility and freedomStrong community support

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    What React does differently

    Differences to other libraries and frameworks
    (jQuery, Angular and Vue)

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    Usecases for React

    PHP apps with complex interactive elements (e.g. forms)SSR for SEOReact as design systemmicro frontends with React

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    FIrst steps with React

    Tooling and project setupFirst componentsIntegration of components in the UI

Which challenges we will cover


Spaghetti code in traditional web developmentMissing architecture because of convenienceMisconceptions about React as a library

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